Our Clients

  • Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd
    We developed an audio cd player in assembly language using a Toshiba MCU with built in servo control. Our staff also participated in TFT development using a Toshiba TMP39 series MCU. Our staff is part of a team in main radio software development using Fujitsu MCU, Toshiba MCU, Freescale MCU, Analog Devices MCU.
  • NXP Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd
    We participated in software development for LCD TV using the NXP LOCTOP series of IC . We also participated in software development for a car radio with CD, tuner, bluetooth and usb features. The MCU used is the LPC23xx series of MCU.
  • Clarion Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    In partnership with NXP, we developed a car radio software with tuner, CD, bluetooth, navigation and usb features.
  • Hi-P
    We have developed a RCU test utility which is a usb wireless remote control for hearing aids.
  • Timex Corporation
    We developed a series of compass watches using Epson MCU.
  • Toshiba Electronics Asia Singapore Pte Ltd
    We had many years of partnership in which we developed tv software for their customers eg BPL Ltd of India and Sharp Electronics (M) Sdn BhdWe have done an mp3 software uploading/downloading via the parallel port to the flash memory on an mp3 player.
  • Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd
    We developed at least 4 TV series for the company using Toshiba TMP87 and TMP88 series MCU and the Mitsubishi MELS740 series MCU. They are for the AP, LATAM and Japan market.
  • Toshiba Video Products Pte Ltd
    We developed the servo control software for the VCD player. The image decoding was done by Serial System using a C-Cube MPEG decoder.
  • Robert Bosch(M) Sdn Bhd
    We had projects with Robert Bosch on the display panel of the car radio. The display panels are VFT, 7 segment LCD and LCD dot matrix display. All 3 displays are controlled by a dedicated MCU belonging to the Toshiba TMP87 series.
  • Philips TV Singapore Pte Ltd
    We participated in software development of the FL1, G8 series highend tv, Anubis series, L7 series of low to mid end range of tv and Philips institutional tv for the hotel segment.
  • Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd
    We developed the MMI for the motorola pager.
  • Technol Silver(M) Sdn Bhd
    We developed 3 TV series using the Toshiba TMP87/TMP88 series MCU for the US and AP market.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Sales Singapore Pte Ltd
    This company is now merged with Hitachi Semiconductor and is now known as Renesas Technology Singapore Pte Ltd. We developed a low end TV for their client Onida TV using the Mitsubishi MCU. The software is developed in assembly language.