Bunker Scheduling Application

We have developed a bunker scheduling application for the Singapore maritime industry. The application caters to the main parties involved in the bunkering of the ships heading to the port of Singapre. We have catered for 4 main types of users:
  • Barge Operators
  • Bunker Suppliers
  • Bunker Surveyors
  • Shipping Agents
There are 2 types of application: Mobile application and Web application. The web application will be ready by 1 Jan 2020 after vigorous testing. The mobile application is an android app. The IOS version will be available after gathering feedbacks from the android version. Do try our mobile app. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore when you search using GIMPER AIS. The app name is Bunker-G . It is free for a limited period and it does help to improve productivity of the bunkering industry.
Bunker-G App